Why Does EM-Smart Deserve the Cost?

Why Does EM-Smart Deserve the Cost?

The laser marking machine market is currently mixed with wide price fluctuations, from $1000 to $4000, customers often don't know why some lasers price is much higher than others such as EM-Smart laser, so today's post will tell you why does EM-Smart deserve the cost.

EM-Smart laser used the industrial laser source which has commercial capacity, that means its function is same as the traditional big machine, such as high-speed, repeat accuracy±0.002mm, deep engraving, 100000 hours lifespan and so on, except these, the most prominent feature is portable. The performance and function of the portable fiber optic marker and the fiber optic marker are identical. The portable marking machine is smaller and more convenient to move. EM-Smart commercial desktop marking machine has two portable designs. Among them, EM-Smart One / Nova are foldable portable design with a weight of only 8.5kg (obtained patents and many certificates). Any adult woman can easily move it. There are also EM-Smart Basic Series which can help you achieve quick installation. It is very friendly to any beginner. EM-Smart has such a female customer that she needs to take her products to the offline exhibition. She believes that if she can show customers how her products are made at the same time, it can help her attract more attention. So she was very happy to choose our EM-Smart One and customized trolley case, because for her, our products can be put into use very quickly without complicated installation. With our customized trolley case, she can go to an exhibition anytime to promote her business development.

EM-Smart also has customers who open boutiques, jewelry stores, and banking worker. They said, when there were only traditional industrial machines, they would place the marking machine inside the workroom. They would not put it outside the store because it was too big and not very attractive. They are very happy to put our machines outside, and even broadcast live to customers how they make their customized products, and these applications even bring them a new commercial selling point, because they can also teach on-site if these customers are interested in DIY, and let customers DIY their own exclusive gifts.

Beyond the features, we provide our customers with quality service, such as two-year warranty, free material set and thousands of vector images. We also provide free shipping and cover the tax or duty, we think most of store don't provide it, their product is cheaper, but need to charge hundreds of dollars in shipping and tax.

We hope the article will help you understand why our laser marking machines are the best.

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