Our Story

As the official manufacturer and supplier of EM-Smart Lasers, our focus is on designing and producing a range of portable laser marking machines. With over 25 years of experience in laser industry, we've amassed a wealth of knowledge and a diverse customer base, enabling us to work with various materials, products, and applications. We take pride in providing high-quality portable laser marking machines and are capable of offering customized marking solutions to suit your unique business needs.

In addition to our store, our EM-Smart lasers are available for purchase via 3plasers.com, em-smart.com, Amazon, Alibaba, and through our network of distributors and dealers in several countries.

Why Choose Us

EM-Smart Laser boasts 25 years of extensive experience in the laser industry and has obtained CE, FDA, RoHS, SGS, and ISO9001 certifications for both the products and the factory. Our modern production base spans over 7,000+㎡ and is equipped with a comprehensive range of testing equipment, enabling us to mass-produce and develop cutting-edge laser solutions for various industries.

It’s worth noting that EM-Smart, the featured patented and branded laser engraver, has entered markets of more than 50 countries worldwide. It quickly became a favorite in North American, European, and Australian markets since the release of the first model EM-Smart One. So far, EM-Smart Laser has released more than fifteen models of five series (EM-Smart One/Basic/Nova/MOPA/Super), ranging from fiber types to MOPA tyle and from entry-level to pro users, which can meet the different demands of all customers from almost all Industries.