EM-Smart Application

Watch Videos for Rotary/Batch/Deep Engravings

EM-Smart Basic

No Limitation to Marking Height

EM-Smart One

First Foldable Industrial Laser

EM-Smart Mopa

The First Desktop JPT Laser

EM-Smart - You Think, You Mark!

How to Choose the EM-Smart Laser?

Our laser engraving machines have different types, you need to choose it according to your needs. If you are a new user without any other special needs, it is recommended that you choose the Basic 1 (20w) or Basic 2 (25w). If you usually need to carry the machine from one place to another place such as exhibitions, EM-Smart One or EM-Smart Nova may be more suitable for you. If you want to mark colorful patterns on stainless steel, then you can choose Mopa.

Software Compatibility

EZCAD & LightBurn

All EM-Smart lasers are compatible with both Ezcad & LightBurn to spark every ideas, and you can use your EM-Smart on Windows, MAC, Linux.

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