Machine Comparison

There are severn series for EM-Smart, One/Nova/Basic/Mopa/Super/PC/Pro and they have many same points such as marking speed, repeat accuracy, laser wavelength, marking material, lifespan and so on, but each model has its unique features, for example, One and Nova can be folded, Baisc can mark with unlimited height, Mopa can mark colorful patterns on stainless steel, please you find below parameters form for each model.

Our laser engraving machines have different types, you need to choose it according to your needs. If you are a new user without any other special needs, it is recommended that you choose the Basic 1 series. If you usually need to carry the machine from one place to another place such as exhibitions, EM-Smart One or EM-Smart Nova may be more suitable for you. If you want to mark colorful patterns on stainless steel, then you can choose EM-Smart Mopa. We also have more power model if you need, it is our EM-Smart Super which has 30W and 50W for your reference. Of course, each of our model has the function of rotation, so you can choose your model with rotary if you want to mark on the cylinder. If you still don't know which one to choose after reading this article, then choose the EM-Smart Basic 1, it is the cost-effective and popular one, there's nothing wrong with this choice.