Trouble Shooting

Problems with the EM-Smart? Look at the page here for possible solutions. We hope your use of the EM-Smart is trouble free and you never need to use this page. But we have included a number of trouble shooting solutions for your reference.
1. Power indicator off when press the power button.
Please check if the power supply is normal or the emergency stop button switched on or restart the machine.
2. Driver not detected from the list of Device Manager when install for the first time.
Please try re-insert the flash drive. 
Please uninstall the existing driver and re-install.

3. After the driver is installed, the ezcad software still prompts that the dongle cannot be found.
Please check if the driver installed correctly.
Please check if the USB cable connected well.
Please check if there is electromagnetic interference on site, which may result in interference with the USB communication

4. It prompts “Can not open correct file” after opening the software EZCAD.
It is because there is no correction file and the “Use correct file” in the F3 parameter is checked. If there is a correction file, please select the correct path; if there is no one, you can leave “Use correct file” unchecked.

5. No laser beam 
Please change the laser source if it's confirmed to be down.

6. No red light from the pointer 
Please use "F3" to check if the configuration parameters for Port is set or not. 
Please change the red light pointer if still no red light after configure the parameters.

7. No laser beam or red light from the pointer 
Please check if the cap for lens has been removed. 
Please check if the EZCAD software connected.

8. Uneven Laser marking or engraving 
Please re-focus. The surface of the item should be parallel to the light path.

9. Weak red light 
Please clean the galvonometer or the F-theta lens. 
Please check if the red light pointer breaks down.

10. Dual red pointers not overlap 
Please adjust the small red pointer.
11. Light path indicator off 
Please re-fasten the arm and reset the configuration parameters for Port.

12. The pattern marked is deformed. 
Please change the correction file.

13. "The support arm is tilted, please fix the bolt!" 
Please fasten the bolts to ensure the arm is vertical to the marking platform.

14. The EZCAD software not show "Ready" 
Please check if the driver or EZCAD is correctly installed. 
Please check if the machine is properly installed or the USB cable properly connected.

15. The edited drawing in ezcad cannot be saved as a file.
The marking machine should be connected with the computer, and must be powered on.

16. The red light not overlap with the laser
“F3”-“Other“-“Red light pointer""
Please adjust the offset position of the red light XY and the proportional size of the XY according to the overlap of the red light and the laser in the previous step, and continuously adjust to achieve the effect of overlap of the red light and the laser.

17. The laser marking machine is marking very slowly even after adjusting the speed on the right side of the software.
Please try changing the fill type and line spacing.

18. The EZCAD software shows "Ready" and the red light is working, but the machine is not marking or engraving. 
Please adjust the power on the right side of the software. 
Please check if it's focused while marking or engraving.